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In short, nurse Coaching is conducted by a registered nurse who will help you achieve your wellness goals. 

Still, According to Barbara Montgomery Dossey, the formal definition is Nurse Coaching is a skilled, purposeful, results-oriented, and structured relationship-centered interaction with clients provided by registered nurses to promote the achievement of the client’s goals. 

Why do nurses make good coaches?

Nurses are always trained to consider the human aspect of patients and their diseases. When we assess our patients, we recognize the disease process in play. However, nurses also evaluate how the disease affects the patient’s world, caregivers included. Throughout nursing school and on into our careers, we hone our skills in helping patients move along the wellness continuum.

Are all Nurse Coaching clients chronically ill?

No, not all nurse coaching clients are chronically ill. 

A common misconception is that wellness equates to the absence of health. On the contrary, wellness is a holistic integration of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, fueling the body, engaging the mind, and nurturing the spirit. 

Can a Nurse Coach help me achieve goals not related to wellness, like business goals?

Yes, if you are a business owner, then the trajectory of your business is a large aspect of your wellness. Nurse coaches listen deeply, pose thought-provoking questions to bring self-awareness, allow for self-reflection, and assist in realistic goal setting and action plan creation. 

How do Nurse Coaches help clients who do not achieve a complete change on the first attempt?

Nurse Coaches recognize that change is not a linear progression. Change is a journey, and relapse is part of the change process. Allowing space for behavior change progression, stagnation, and achievement sets an expectation that does not create undue stress on the client. The ultimate goal is progress, not perfection. 

What does success look like for Nurse Coaches? 

Success for Nurse Coaches is helping others create change in their life, no matter the size of change. We don’t tell you how to change or what to change. However, you decide on the answers to those questions, and once the desire to change strikes, nurse coaches act as cheerleaders, confidants, and change facilitators. 


Nurse Coaching offers a holistic approach to facilitating meaningful change and goal achievement. They consider all aspects of a client’s wellness: mind, body, and spirit. 

Most importantly, nurse coaches are advocates, educators, and healers.